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Welcome to the place where you can find interesting things and hopefully learn a little or contribute a lot. This blog is inteded to test those Pins that seem too good to be true- or anything else that you might be curious about. Your participation in any form is strongly encouraged.

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Crochet Tips, Patterns and Tutorials

Here is a place to discover the art and beauty of crochet. Enjoy the free tips, patterns and tutorials that have kept me engaged in the craft of crocheting.

Celtic Love Knot Scarf - Crochet

Small Loops = Tight Pattern

Large Loops = Loose Pattern

Star Shapped Blanket - Crochet

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My Results

Large, stripped blanket for Lovey

Small, solid color blanket for Baby Lily

Continuous Heart Blanket - Crochet

Pinned Image

The small hearts above looked good, I just liked the larger hearts pattern below better. :)

My Results

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