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Baby Clothes

 DIY Baby Clothes
My baby girl just turned 4 months old and she is finally growing out of the newborn sized clothes. So, I decided to attempt to craft my own baby clothes. The fabric store had a big sale; plus I got 1/2 off the sale price because it was the end of the bolt of fabric. So, for $1.50 I was able to make a onesie, a pair of pants, and a sleeper out of only one yard of fabric.

Baby Pants:

The brown pants are what I used for a template.
The pink pants are my results.
Before You Begin and other Tips:
Allow for a 1/2" seam
Legs have 1/4" hem
Waist has a 1" hem to allow casing room for elastic

Let's get started!

All the materials needed are:
child's pants in the desired size, fabric suitable for clothing, ruler(for elastic and waist hem,) elastic (3/8",) scissors and 10 pins or fewer

Each leg has a front and a back side. Find the seams of right leg(turn inside-out if needed) and trace an outline about an inch larger than the pattern pants. Trace the front and the back of only one leg. Then, put front and back leg pieces right-side-down and trace for other leg.

Take back piece of right leg and lay it face-up. Take back piece of left leg and lay it face-down on top of other back piece, making sure to match up the sides. Sew the seam from star to star, back stitching at beginning and end. Repeat for the front side of the pants.

Unfold fabric and lay flat with the right side facing down. Fold fabric of waist down by 1" and pin all the way across. Only make a 1/4" hem on the waist. Repeat for the front half of the pants. There will be an extra flap of fabric that you will need for the elastic casing later.

Lay the back piece of the pants right-side-up. Lay the front piece of the pants right-side-down on top of back side. Sew along one side only from star to star. Open entire piece and lay flat with the wrong side face-up.

Create a 1/4" hem on the bottom of the pant leg that was just sewn together. Repeat this step and the last step for the other leg.

With pants inside-out sew the inseam from hem of one pant leg to the star and then back down the other pant leg to the hem. Turn right-side-out.

To create the waistband, first measure the waist on the pattern pants by laying pants flat out and measuring from one hip seam to the other. Cut two pieces of elastic to the size measured. Fold each piece in half and mark the center with a pin. Pin down the piece of elastic underneath the flap on each hip and one in the middle (3 pins total). Sew down each end of the elastic to the hip seams of the fabric. Stretch the elastic straight (this will cause the elastic to hid under your flap as close to your initial hem as it can get,) and sew just to the side of the elastic (NEVER sew through the elastic as it will not stretch properly.) This should encase your elastic band inside the hem flap. Repeat for the other side of waist.

Thank you for reading. I really hope you enjoyed the tutorial and found it helpful. Please share, comment or send me your results so that I can share them.

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