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Pin of the Week: Picture Shapes

  Picture Shapes

This was a fun pin to try out. The idea is to cut a shape out of paper or cardboard and put the cut-out image in front of your lense before taking a picture.

An image of the materials that I used.
You can see the different sized hearts.

My digital camera has a small lense. Therefore, I had to make smaller cut-outs.

My model was a shoe that I love :)

This was my first attempt with the smallest heart shape taped to my lense.
The shape was too small to see the object.

My second shape was large enough.

However, the tape kept catching the light from the flash.

My third attempt came out the best.

I had to hold my finger over the tape so the flash didn't obstruct the image.
The trick does not work very well with the flash off.

Another picture without flash.
me your results so that I may share with the other readers- with permission, of course!

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